Roanoke River Lighthouse Edenton, North Carolina

Roanoke River Lighthouse Edenton, NC


April 2009 — Before restoration began

The Roanoke River Lighthouse restoration began with a ground breaking ceremony on February 25th, 2010.

Lighthouse Ground Breaking Ceremony

Phase 1 — Roanoke River Lighthouse Exterior Restoration

Exterior Restoration began on April 9, 2010. The old roof was replaced with a new roof made of the same type material as was used when the lighthouse was first constructed. The windows and doors have also been removed, individually restored and replaced. The Lighthouse’s exterior was restored by A.R. Chesson Construction Co.

Lighthouse roof restoration

Cupola — before restoration

Watch the exterior restoration in time lapse from June 7th 2010 through October 15th 2010

Phase 2 — Interior Restoration

The restoration of the interior, complete with period furnishings, was finished in 2014, and the Lighthouse is now open to the public.

Stairway before restoration

Interior before restoration

Looking down spiral staircase before restoration